Major Basilio Pooten: Doing the Right Thing, Making Us Proud

Quote of the Year: “I am an officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and at the same time a lawyer. I will not allow myself to trample upon the rights of the accused gentlemen officers and be a party to the denial of their Constitutional rights. And by these, your Honors, I ask to be excused from these proceedings.” — Major Basilio Pooten

When I first read the story about Major Basilio Pooten (center) and his refusal to be used as a tool for injustice, I wondered if he is from the Cordilleras but I didn’t have the time to check it out.

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Atty. Cruz-Angeles Answers Your Questions

Earlier, we told you in this post that Atty. Trixie Cruz Angeles, lawyer of Capt. Ruben Guinolbay, would be willing to answer questions regarding her client. Some of you posted your questions which she has graciously answered. Thanks Atty! More power to you and our your client and the other officers.

Atty. Angeles also writes a column for the Inquirer. The following are must reads: Piercing Presidential shields (on holding Gloria accountable for her illegal acts) and Mural Rights (on the NPC mural controversy, artists’ rights, and press freedom).

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Photos of the Day & Your Questions Please

We’re sure you are already familiar with our kailiyans Capt. Ruben Guinolbay (Ifugao) and Capt. Dante Langkit (Kalinga), two good men who are presently incarcerated by the Evil Empire. For new visitors to the blog, you might want to check out the following links for our previous coverage of these two officers: Our “Mutineers”; The List: Captain Ruben Guinolbay; More on Captain Guinolbay; Soldiers, Rebels, and Rebel Soldiers.

Now, it turns out that the Empire is also holding captive another kailiyan in its smelly dungeons. Thanks to Ellen Tordesillas who sent us these photos and who alerted us about Capt. Joey Fontiveros. Here’s Ellen’s note:

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Rizal Tragedy: Task Force Malapiat Issues Findings

The task force created by the Kalinga provincial government to look into the land dispute in Rizal which led to the deaths of nine people has now issued its findings. Here’s a story by Estanislao Albano Jr. first published at the Manila Bulletin. The Philippine Information Agency has a similar report here.

Task force bares its findings on bloody Kalinga demolition
Says mayor’s order to demolish houses legally defective

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Our "Mutineers": Captain Langkit and Captain Guinolbay

Our thanks to Ellen Tordesillas who sent us these photos of our kailiyans, Capt. Ruben Guinolbay and Capt. Dante Langkit, two gallant military officers who are on trial for their alleged participation in the aborted withdrawal of support from Gloria Arroyo in February 2006. [Edited: We originally stated that they are under trial for the Oakwood mutiny which is not correct. Thanks Ellen.]

We have been blogging about Captain Guinolbay, so we’re sure you already know him. In case you missed our previous posts, you can read them here, here, and here.

We initially didn’t know about Captain Langkit so we haven’t done much blogging about him. In fact we only heard of him during the past elections when his twin brother ran for Congress in Kalinga. Thankfully, Ellen has some information for us:

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