Ay-ayyeng The Movie

This could be the most romanticized and most over-acted movie about Igorots/iCordilleras ever? Since when did Igorotas dress like that when they work in the fields? Maybe after they attended a wedding where that kind of wear is appropriate?

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Six Pack

Kakainggit na abs. Image courtesy of Tangguyob.com.

There’s Something About Marky

Of course this blog is not all about bootlickers, chicken wings, and community activism. We are also about artistas. So let’s do a post on our favorite artista, Marky Cielo. Here are six things you might not know about him.

1. Did you know that he was (is?) the Department of Health’s Youth Ambassador Against Tobacco? That’s him and DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III shaking hands. Photo courtesy of the DOH website.

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