Your Key Words, Part III

In our first blog, we did some write-ups on the search keywords of visitors who found us via search engines. In case you missed them, here’s the links to said posts: Part I and Part II. Now, here’s the third installment of our attempt to elaborate on the keywords/questions of blog visitors.

1. “What is bubod”: Bubod is the yeast that you add to the sticky rice to produce rice wine. Kumbaga, it is the fermenting agent. I think it’s made from sugarcane but I’m not 100% sure. Do you also call this fermenting agent “bubod” in your language?

2. “Most richest man in Benguet”: I’ve no idea. Maybe Nashman, Lovelyn, Page 101, and FBI know the answer. Sino sa tingin ninyo ang pinakamayaman sa Benguet? If by “richest” we mean both rich in terms of material wealth and good reputation, maybe Congressman Dangwa?

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