Paper Roses From Baguio’s Garbage

Can you imagine the impact if seemingly simple projects like this one are implemented by government authorities at a much bigger scale. There would be much lesser garbage and more livelihood opportunities. If small organizations can do it, I don’t see any reason why government cannot do it as well.

Let’s give the Women’s Livelihood Organization of Imelda Village in Baguio our Boon Award for their worthwhile project. Creating livelihood opportunities for 22 people is no joke and is a big accomplishment which deserves recognition. Cheers to you women of Imelda Village.

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Boon Award: The Center for Ibaloi Heritage and Loakan History

Remember the Boon Awards which we started last year to honor people or groups who are doing something positive for our communities? We haven’t been giving it for some time but here’s another awardee: The Center for Ibaloi Heritage and Loakan History.

Vincent Cabreza’s article below will tell you why they deserve the award. Kudos to the people behind the Center particularly in light of the following:

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Boon Award: The Ibaloi Dictionary Project

We are giving our next Boon “You Are Doing a Good Thing” Award to the people behind the Ibaloi Dictionary Project. We learned about this project from the blog of our good friend, Danilova Molintas.

So why are we giving a Boon Award to this group? Because instead of simply crying about the fact that their language might die (and we must admit that this blog is also guilty of this “crying but doing nothing else” thing), the group is actually doing something to address the problem. Let’s hope that the other ehtno-linguistic groups in the Cordillera will follow suit.

From Cemarban’s comment in Dani’s blog, we learn more about the people behind this worthy endeavor:

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The Bontoc Museum, Privacy Issues, and a Boon Award

Here’s an interesting video that you should watch. The first part contains footages taken at the Bontoc Museum and its artifacts of the past. The second part contains some footages of present-day Bontoc with its tricycles and all. It makes an interesting comparison between “then” and “now”. [UPDATE: Oops, as two of you pointed out, this really is not present-day Bontoc since the video must have been taken 20 to 25 years ago. Thanks for the correction Anonymouses 🙂 Our mistake, we should have known better. Cheers.]

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