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Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

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Ay kakabsat ken kakailiyan, hehe, i-promote ko man daytoy barbaro nga blog ko. I felt guilty and silly writing sponsored posts in this blog and in our other blog so I decided to come up with a new blog where I can do sponsored posts shamelessly. Eh dahil malapit na din ang Olympics and one of my first ever writing assignment years ago is to do an Olympic story so I decided to come up with The Olympian Blog.

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Blog Roundup: 13 March 2008

* It is a sad day indeed when artists stop doing what they’re doing because of piracy. Dexter See reports that “artists in the Cordillera have stopped production of original compositions due to the rampant piracy which has resulted in bankruptcy among the local producers.” More at the NPT Blog.

* Check out the Sagada Guides’ photos of men in G-String, er, loin cloth. Maybe this will answer the question on whether Igorots wear underwear which we posted about here, eh?

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A Concert for a Cause

Here’s an announcement forwarded to us. It is about a fund-raising concert for two kailiyans who need your help. If you are based in Baguio, you might want to join this concert to support Noemi Taguiba-Mangaltag and Jennifer Coral-Gabaen. General admission tickets are priced at P30 but those of you who are making money may want to get “sponsor” tickets at P250.

Here’s the call for help:

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Vote for The Meliorist

Folks, let’s help a kailiyan win a blog contest and get featured as the Pinoy Blog of the Week. The Meliorist blogs about global warming which is an important issue to all of us global dwellers. Unfortunately, there are those who deny that there is such a thing as global warming; like Dubya and his cabal who invaded Iraq to get their hands on that country’s rich oil resources.

Anyways, how do we vote for The Meliorist? Simply visit her site, scroll down a bit, look at the brown/yellowish box in the left sidebar, check Savetheearth-now, click vote, and you’re done. I think you can also vote for it in the blog that does this Pinoy Blog of the Week contest but I can’t find it now.

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