Billy Alumno Shows Us How To Kick Ass

Why do Igorots excel in combat sports? Dahil malakas ang kanilang tuhod! This video is proof kung gaano kalakas ang tuhod ng mga taga bundok. So all that hiking over hills and mountains and rivers and dales is not a waste. Related post on Billy here.

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4 thoughts on “Billy Alumno Shows Us How To Kick Ass”

  1. years of going up and down the boondocks really does magic for the knees and improves stamina

    I have to use the stairs here a few days before any planned trek to condition my knees 🙂

  2. Hi Tutubi,
    Good idea to exercise first bago mag mountaineering or else baka magka-cramps and other problems. Thanks.

  3. COrdillerans love walking as opposed to their lowland counterparts whom love taking the trike oreven jeep kahit 3 minutes walking distance lang ang pupuntahan.

  4. while hiking and climbing may have become a part of of Cordillerans’ daily life. it may not actually help them be good “kickers of the ass”. why? based on what i read and also what i experienced, my strenuous walking or climbing tend to shorten my foot muscles and so, it instead works against the development of my good kicks. if you notice though, mountaineers have a well develop asses which can be an easy target by a good kick, resulting from engaging the up and down terrains of the Cordillera. at any rate, one thing is certain, Cordillerans could have naturally developed better stamina than their lowland brothers. in conclusion, Billy Alumno, is someone who happens to be individually endowed!

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