Bamboo Crafts: Bangued’s One Town One Product

We often criticize bad government policies and public officials but we are not blind to the good things that they do.

One of the good government programs out there is the Department of Trade and Industry’s One Town One Product (OTOP). This program seeks to help small and medium enterprises — like the bamboo craft manufacturers of Bangued, Abra — develop markets for their products. The above photo shows former Bangued Mayor Ma. Zita Valera entering a “vehicle” made of bamboo. You can read more about the One Town, One Product here.

UPDATE: It turns out that the creator of this bamboo jeepney has a son who blogs at The Broken Arrow; read his post about this jeepney here and here. It turns out too that the jeepney actually runs; I thought it was only meant for display that’s why I put quotes in “vehicle” but no quotes are needed since this vehicle is actually used for transport. [Thanks to AnitoKid for the tip.]


5 thoughts on “Bamboo Crafts: Bangued’s One Town One Product”

  1. E’vero! You’re right there on your intro’. We need good criticisms and recognitions due.

    For us who are temporarily off shore, specially me who once asked in a forum who Chavit is, need to read achievements to boost our hopes for Pinas.

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    Thanks. We try to have a balanced blog, one that is critical of corruption and bad officials but one that also praises the praiseworthy hehe.

    As for Chavit, we’re not sure we can say a good thing about him at the moment. However, we should give him credit for exposing the corruption during the Estrada administration at a time when it was dangerous for him to do so.

    I guess that good deed has cleansed his record for a while but he has since gone back to his old corrupt ways. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Hi Anitokid,
    Thanks for the info. I added a link to the main post. I’m, in turn, surprised to discover that this vehicle actually runs. Mabuhay ka din, kabayan.

    Hi Novice Blogger,
    Naimbag nga aldaw mo met. Wow, you should be mighty proud of your dad. He’s very creative. As I said above, I thought this was only for display but its actually being used pala. Thanks for dropping by and for adding us to your blogroll 🙂

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