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Gloria’s Now for Human Rights? The World Yawns

Were you, like us, surprised when Gloria suddenly became a human rights warrior? Don’t know what we’re talking about?

Well here’s the story: Gloria was in Singapore this week to attend the ASEAN summit. During the summit, she suddenly went, “Yo! Myanmar military junta, the Philippines won’t vote for the ASEAN charter if you don’t release Aung San Suu Kyi.”

Dude, she really acted like our high school principal. Or, for those of you who don’t give a damn about our principal, she acted like Dolores Umbridge in that last Harry Potter movie.

Now, because the Myanmar generals don’t like being patronized by a toady Dolores Umbridge-wannabe, they got bat-shit crazy and went, “Shut up you fake President of 7,107 irrelevant islands.” Continue reading Gloria’s Now for Human Rights? The World Yawns

The Most Mind Boggling News Report Ever

Michael Fajatin is a TV reporter of GMA-7, here’s his report on a protest rally held in Mendiola:

Igan, pasado alas otso ng tahimik na magdisperse ang mga rallyisata sa San Sebastian.
Ngunit, matapos ang ilang negosasyon,
itoy matapos na ….
nag disperse sila,
Pagkatapos nito, ah….
Hindi na sila nagaway…
Nagaway na sila sa simula,
Pagkatpos nitoy, nagkaroon sila ng AHHHH….
Pagaaway na sa simula!

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