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“It is ironic that this administration is asking the governors to declare support yet it could not act on simple requests like the tax my province is entitled to. This administration appears to have a selective amnesia.”

“My support for [Ms Arroyo] is conditional. For the moment, I am for the rule of law. I, too, would like to know the truth. For most Ifugaos, the issue of supporting [Ms Arroyo] in this troubled times depended on Malacañang’s willingness to address my constituents’ concerns.”

Ifugao Governor Teddy Baguilat. Read the Inquirer report here.

This is how you play the game, folks. If you support a president who never received the mandate of the people, at the very least, you should demand something in return that redounds to the benefit of your constituents. Hindi yung blind support lang na wala kang mapapala.

It’s a good thing that the Ifugao governor is using his support for Gloria as a card to ask for the taxes that should rightfully go to Ifugao. In an ideal world however, those taxes should have been given to Ifugao from the very beginning. And in an ideal world, Gloria should not be sitting in Malacañang.

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  1. It’s also ironic for the good Governor and other elected officials, or cabinet members to come down swinging on this administration when in the blink of eye they find themselves on the outside looking in. JDV’s wild cries about exposing all of Arroyo’s cheating in the elections, graft and corruption is lame. Expose HER NOW, whether you are part of her greedy empire.
    We should also hand Gloria the American-Indian name
    of “Walking Eagle” as she is full of crap and can no longer fly. (was told there was a debate on “walking eagle” or “walking bear” be given to Hilary, “walking eagle” was more appropriate,hehe..)

  2. Hi Trublue,
    Yeah, I’m not impressed at all with JDV. In fairness naman to Governor Baguilat, I think he is considered part of the administration so it’s good that he is still bringing this out and not just keeping his mouth shut.

    Hey, that’s a nice name for Gloria hehe. Although mas bagay sa kanya siguro ang “walking maya” because an eagle is more honorable hehe. Thanks much.

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