Sarah Efron’s Disgusting and Morally Dubious Food

Haha. Igorot/iCordillera food made it to the pages of Canada’s National Post courtesy of Sarah Efron who introduced them as “intriguing, disgusting and morally-dubious foods”. I’ll take disgusting because that’s a personal thing and she’s got a right to be disgusted with any food under the sun– heck a good friend is disgusted with tomatoes — but “morally dubious”? Seriously, Sarah? Morally dubious?

If there’s such a thing as morally dubious food, I think the most morally dubious would be hamburger the main ingredient of which is taken from the carcass of slaughtered cows — an animal very sacred to our brother and sister Hindus — which were butchered (hacked, beheaded, then “chop-chopped”) by professional animal killers.

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Killer Typhoon in the Cordilleras

Our condolences to the families of the victims.

‘Karen’ leaves 6 dead in Cordillera
Jane Cadalig/Sunstar

SIX persons died and one was injured in various areas of the region at the height of typhoon Karen (Nuri) on Wednesday, the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) reported.

Four persons, including three kids in Benguet and one woman in Baguio, were buried in mudslides caused by the heavy downpour. The casualty in Abra was pinned down by a fallen tree.

Those killed were identified as siblings Mark Anthony, one year old; Lester, three years old; and Alvin Somera, 10 years old, all of 1st Gate Antamok, Ucab, Itogon.

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All Quiet on the Boondock Front … But Not on the Olympics Front

My apologies, it’s been so quiet here. But I’ve been busy at our Olympics blog which is where I’m camping out while the Olympic Games is ongoing.

Do join me there if you’re into Olympic hotties [got to do it coz people are looking for it hehe], American crybabies, the art of Olympic hugging, and other silly stuff. We do also get serious sometimes and talk about things like how much money Olympians make.

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