Congratulations, Criminologists!

Congratulations to Kristen Joy Gonzales Pagud of the University of the Cordilleras (Baguio Colleges Foundation) for making it to the top with a rating of 87.90%.

Likewise, congratulations to the following schools too for making it to the list of “top performing schools”.

A. With 100 or more examinees:
Cordillera Career Development College, 63 of 104, 61 percent; University of Baguio, 61 of 100, 61 percent; PLT College Inc., 89 of 149, 60 percent; and University of La Sallete – Santiago, 61 of 108, 56 percent.

B. With 50-99 examinees:
Universidad de Manila (City College of Manila), 83 of 92, 90 percent; University of the Cordilleras (Baguio Colleges Foundation) 63 of 72, 88 percent; and Pangasinan College of Science and Technology, 52 of 69, 75 percent.

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Rigodon in Mt. Province

Here’s an interesting idea. I don’t know what benefits can be derived from rotating the different Mt. Province mayors — they will serve as “guest mayors” for two days in the province’s ten towns — but if I am a mayor with aspirations for a higher office, I sure will take this opportunity to build political bridges.

If this will help create a new pool of provincial leaders attuned to the needs of the different parts of the province and who can challenge the old order, then I am all for it.

Mt Province mayors to rotate positions
by Lito Dar/PIA

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