Boon Award: The Center for Ibaloi Heritage and Loakan History

Remember the Boon Awards which we started last year to honor people or groups who are doing something positive for our communities? We haven’t been giving it for some time but here’s another awardee: The Center for Ibaloi Heritage and Loakan History.

Vincent Cabreza’s article below will tell you why they deserve the award. Kudos to the people behind the Center particularly in light of the following:
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Boondock Solidarity in Switzerland

People from the boondocks, unite! Hehe. A good time was had by all when our kailiyans in Switzerland and other parts of Europe met their mountain-dwelling brethren from the land of watches and chocolates.

Here’s the Swiss Jodler group of Aeschi. Interesting entrance, no? Nice song too. Video courtesy of igorotlands.

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People Vs. Duntugan: Guilty as Charged

One of the major stories we covered in this blog, the killing of Peace Corps volunteer Julia Campbell and the subsequent trial of Juan Duntugan for murder, is now kinda coming to an end. The court has found that Duntugan is guilty of murdering Campbell and sentenced him to life in prison. I’m reprinting the Inquirer story below.

And here are the links to our previous stories:
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Campbell Family to Attend Dontugan Hearing

Life in prison for killer of Peace Corps Volunteer

Melvin Gascon/Inquirer

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