Party Poopers or Voice of Reason?

You decide. Statement from the Tungtungan ti Umili via Sunstar.

On Panagbenga funds:
“People have the right to know where their money was spent and how their elected officials spent it,”

On that cultural street dancing thing:
“Clearly, this is at the expense of exploiting Cordillera indigenous culture so rooted in our indigenous peoples’ history of cultural heritage. Commercializing causes its own slow death — and this death is tantamount to that of indigenous peoples when we lose our identity due to national oppression.”

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Ifugao Sponsors Terraces Tour

I like it when local government units seek to gain control over their local tourism industry. That is how our communities can directly benefit from tourism. I like it too when officials look at tourism beyond organizing that street dancing thing that Panagbenga has become. Good move Ifugao.

From Sunstar Baguio:

In line with the continuing promotion of the rice terraces as an eco-cultural destination, the Ifugao Provincial Government is sponsoring a package tour, which would show the series of cycles involved in the planting of rice in the hand-carved rice terraces.

The tour, which is scheduled on February 9 and 10 (two days, one night) and February 8 to 10 (three days and two nights) is part of the series of rice terraces cycle tours, which the Save the Ifugao rice terraces movement offers — from land preparation (lodah/mamanong), to harvesting (botok, pfoto) and the thanksgiving or bakle.

For a minimal fee of P2,800 per person for the February 9 tour and P3,600 per person for the February 8 tour, participants can expect meals on the day of arrival to lunch on day of departure, lodging transportation, guide, entrance and environmental fees will be provided to visitors.
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