Sarah Efron’s Disgusting and Morally Dubious Food

Haha. Igorot/iCordillera food made it to the pages of Canada’s National Post courtesy of Sarah Efron who introduced them as “intriguing, disgusting and morally-dubious foods”. I’ll take disgusting because that’s a personal thing and she’s got a right to be disgusted with any food under the sun– heck a good friend is disgusted with tomatoes — but “morally dubious”? Seriously, Sarah? Morally dubious?

If there’s such a thing as morally dubious food, I think the most morally dubious would be hamburger the main ingredient of which is taken from the carcass of slaughtered cows — an animal very sacred to our brother and sister Hindus — which were butchered (hacked, beheaded, then “chop-chopped”) by professional animal killers.

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Franklin Kawaen is Karate World Champ

Congratulations to our Dubai-based kailiyan Franklin Kawaen for his karate world championship win. He joins the ranks of Julian Chees and company whose achievements in the field of martial arts have helped shape a positive image for Igorots around the world. Kudos to you Franklin and keep on kicking.

Here’s the report on Franklin by Harley Palangchao. Photo above is courtesy of; please note that it is taken from a different event and not from the world championship which is the subject of Harley’s article.

Igorot karate teacher wins world championship
By Harley F. Palangchao/Manila Times

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Igorotlandia, Meet Diamond Gut-omen Baier Again

Now we have a picture of Diamond Gut-omen Baier courtesy of the Ted Regencia Reports. Diamond, according to a commenter in our previous post, is originally from Sabangan, Mt. Province. He won some bouts at Chicago Golden Gloves, you can see the results here, but he took up boxing relatively late so he didn’t turn professional.

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