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  • The Sagada Song / Hymn

    This post is dedicated to the Sagada-philes among you and for the iSagadas away from home. I think the song was written and composed by Dennis Faustino of St. Mary’s School. Video credit goes to shayenne88. Just a correction on the lyrics that you’ll see in the video:* It’s “traveled hills” not “troubled hills”* It’s […]

  • Happy Easter From My Hometown — Not

    This photo is actually from Sagada in Dagestan, Russia. We mentioned Sagada, Dagestan in an earlier post (What? Sagada is Not Unique?) that a reader didn’t like hehe. Photo credit:

  • Photo of the Day

    The Sagada Lemon Pie, the best lemon pie in the world. Seriously! (Disclosure: I’m a relative of the owner. But this is an unbiased, objective assessment. Hehe.) You can learn more about the lemon pie here. PHOTO CREDIT: Sagada Lemon Pie House.

  • Sagada Folks Against Gambling

    Thanks to our tipster who forwarded this petition asking the Sagada police to act on the gambling problem in town. Double click the image to increase its size. In case you still have a problem viewing the photocopy, this is how it reads:

  • Gambling and Prostitution in the Boondocks

    Once upon a time, people in Bontoc do not gamble. This is according to Albert Ernest Jenks in his book, The Bontoc Igorot: No man or set of men habitually spoils another’s accumulations by exacting from him a tax or “rake off.” There is no form of gambling or winning another’s earnings. We, of course, […]

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