Our "Mutineers": Captain Langkit and Captain Guinolbay

Our thanks to Ellen Tordesillas who sent us these photos of our kailiyans, Capt. Ruben Guinolbay and Capt. Dante Langkit, two gallant military officers who are on trial for their alleged participation in the aborted withdrawal of support from Gloria Arroyo in February 2006. [Edited: We originally stated that they are under trial for the Oakwood mutiny which is not correct. Thanks Ellen.]

We have been blogging about Captain Guinolbay, so we’re sure you already know him. In case you missed our previous posts, you can read them here, here, and here.

We initially didn’t know about Captain Langkit so we haven’t done much blogging about him. In fact we only heard of him during the past elections when his twin brother ran for Congress in Kalinga. Thankfully, Ellen has some information for us:
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Boo Award: Baguio City Officials

Really, Baguio City officials, don’t you have more important things to do? What will Baguio City gain in joining this silly suit filed by the League of Cities in the Philippines (LCP) against newly formed cities such as Tabuk in Kalinga Province?

Will it stop the uglification of Baguio? Will it improve the city’s quality of air so it becomes breathable and regains its pine scent? Will it stop the landslides that kill your constituents during heavy rains? Will it decongest a city bursting at the seams?

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Quotes of the Day

“Shall we wait for more lives to be lost? Shall we wait for another mayor again to be ambushed?”
— Tabuk City Mayor Camilo Lammawin asking national agencies and President Arroyo to resolve the Rizal land dispute after the convoy of Rizal Mayor Chris Marc de la Cruz was ambushed. Lammawin heads the Kalinga chapter of the League of Municipalities in the Philippines. Full story here.

“Ito ay pagganti kay mayor (de la Cruz) dahil sa demolition./This is revenge on the mayor because of the demolition. We don’t see any other motive.”
— Cordillera Police Regional Director Raul Gonzales.

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Rizal, Kalinga Tragedy Part II

Another violent incident: Rizal Mayor Chris Marc de la Cruz and his father former Mayor Marcelo de la Cruz were ambushed last Wednesday, August 8. Both survived the attack but the elder de la Cruz (right) was wounded.

The town’s chief of police (Senior Inspector Renato Cairel) five policemen (SPO2 Gabriel Desay, SPO2 Sergio Ladaga, PO3 Cesar Abagan, PO3 Randel Lacuesta and PO2 Felix Turingan) and three civilian security aides (Rodel Boromeo, Francis Durian and Roger Domingo) were also injured.

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Pictures of the Day

So I was googling my time away and found the picture above. He is identified as a man from Butbut, Tinglayan and is supposed to be modeling the indigenous weave of Kalinga. The picture is part of a book called Sinaunang Habi which was published by former Senator Nikki Coseteng.

Which of the following would best describe your reaction to the photo above:
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