Igorot Achiever: Eric Salvador

One of our new commenters, Thoroughbred (welcome to this blog and thank you for the tip), wrote about Eric Salvador in his/her comment here, so we went a-looking for information about Eric. But first, here’s what Thoroughbred wrote in case you missed it:

Another proud Igorot achiever I know, is Roderick “Eric” Salvador from Lomon, Kapangan, Benguet. He won Mr. Philippines (not the body building competition but the male version of BB. Pilipinas).

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About Time

Let’s give props to Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan for doing something that should have been done 50 years ago. What did he do? Start a program that will “match the volume of production with the volume of demand”.

He calls it vegetable profiling. In other countries, it’s called a vegetable quota system. Whatever we call it, programs like these are made to ensure that farmers are not planting the same vegetables at the same time thus ensuring that they would have better income for their produce.

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