Give Him Credit

Well, we’re sure you know that we’re not a fan of Baguio Congressman Mauricio Domogan (note: we used to like him when he was starting his political career) but we’re giving him credit for putting up a website which provides details on where his pork barrel is going. So let’s give the Congressman points for transparency. We hope that other Cordillera officials are just as transparent with their use of public funds so their constituents can see where these are being spent.

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The Biggest Landgrabber of Them All?

Well, maybe not the biggest. There must be bigger land grabbers in Baguio. But it’s amazing how one who has “titles to parcels of land measuring 501 square meters and 10,300 square meters” was able to expand her land area to 672,364 square meters. Read Vincent Cabreza’s story here.

Too often, when the issue of land grabbing in Baguio comes up, it’s the small time land grabbers who get the blame. Maybe it’s because their style of land grabbing is very visible. You know, they just build a tiny house in a small parcel of land and claim it as their own.

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Now, It’s Their Turn

Ano bang meron sa Baguio at parati na lang may kontrobersiya? And now it’s the young people who are starring in this silliness. It’s kind of entertaining if you think about it.

What more can you ask? There’s alleged bribery, alleged conspiracy, alleged parental (grandparental?) meddling, alleged involvement of police escorts. It’s really like in the movies. Kulang na lang ng allegations of sex and violence.

The sad thing about this is that some of these kids have to be lying. Maybe it’s de Vera’s camp. Maybe it’s her accusers. We don’t know. But they can’t both be telling the truth.

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