Our First Boo Award

This is not really our first Boo Award because we have been doing this in our other home but this is the first time we are booing someone in this blog.

And the honor goes to: Virginia Gorospe, an elementary school principal in Baguio who has been suspended for 1) caressing female teachers and 2) collecting fees from a private affiliation school.

Read the story by Mike Guimbatan here. But here’s what Gorospe says about her caressing fellow teachers:

She added she was “neither a pervert or lesbian and her alleged malicious utterances and acts against female teachers were only jokes made between friends who have no malice in their minds.” She added “it is only in the minds of the complainants where they injected malice and lewd designs”.

So does this mean that the teachers who were caressed are not the complainants? Confusing, eh? But here’s our message to madam Gorospe: Whatever those utterances and acts, don’t do them in school. See it got you in trouble. And lifting someone else’s skirt in school? We hope you didn’t do it in front of the kids.
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The Scientologists Are Coming: Run, iBaguios, Run Away!

Or better yet drive those Scientologists out of your city. It pains me to say this because I believe in ecumenism (respect other religions, pare) but the Church of Scientology, which is apparently now in Baguio doing good deeds, is not a religion but a cult.

So one wonders why Baguio officials are, like, consorting with them and why the Philippine Information Agency is uncritically promoting their activities.

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What is Your Vision for Baguio?

The Baguio Centennial Commission a.k.a Centecomm (sounds like a menacing Soviet agency during the cold war haha) is asking you to share your vision for the city in the next 20 years. Our ideas will be taken seriously daw by the Centecomm folks so let’s go ahead and envision something.

Mine is not so much a vision for Baguio but I hope that officials will pedestrianize the city. Instead of constructing projects designed to solve the problems of the rich (i.e., where to find a parking lot) let’s build pedestrian lanes that will encourage people to walk and make walking enjoyable.

Really a pedestrianized Baguio will be a much better city. You know, a city with cleaner air, lesser traffic, and healthier people too.

Oops, by the way, isn’t the Baguio Centennial logo above kind of cool? Congratulations to whoever designed it.
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