Roundup: News From the Boondocks

Here are some interesting links that you might want to read:

► If you were Takit Bersamin, what would you do first and why? asks its members and readers to give some unsolicited advice to Abra’s Governor-elect. Join them here.

► Do you remember the video of Luke-Abeya Torrevillas which we uploaded here? Apparently said video is now in competition at You might want to rate and vote for the video here. Voting ends May 23, so you better hurry up, my friends.

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More Election 2007 News

Here are some links just in case you would like to read more election-related news from the Cordillera boondocks.

Fun stuff:
You see! All that coin tossing you did as a kid is valuable after all. To decide who between two candidates with the same number of votes would sit in the Bontoc municipal council, our favorite COMELEC officer Mary Umaming tossed a coin and Brian Bellang, who chose heads, won. Story by Desiree Caluza here.

Congratulations to Brian. Our condolence to the one who lost, Benjamin Ngeteg. This practice is, of course, provided by law but we still kinda feel sorry for Benjamin. Maybe our lawmakers can come up with a more equitable way of breaking ties like this. What about equal vote-getters splitting the term? Let’s give them each a chance to sit in the council (or in any other elective position).

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