Bamboo Crafts: Bangued’s One Town One Product

We often criticize bad government policies and public officials but we are not blind to the good things that they do.

One of the good government programs out there is the Department of Trade and Industry’s One Town One Product (OTOP). This program seeks to help small and medium enterprises — like the bamboo craft manufacturers of Bangued, Abra — develop markets for their products. The above photo shows former Bangued Mayor Ma. Zita Valera entering a “vehicle” made of bamboo. You can read more about the One Town, One Product here.

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Truth or Propaganda: Military Nabs Six Students in Sagada?

Six high school students from Tubo, Abra who are studying at the Bangaan National High School in Sagada (photo above and it has a website here) were alleged to have been abducted by the military yesterday, June 22.

If the report is true, then it is another proof that the administration of Gloria a.k.a the Female Version of Gollum is worse than Marcos. If it is a propaganda ploy by the CPP/NPA then it is lame and stupid.

The CPP/NPA version:
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Are Our Languages Dying?

Thankfully, for most of us, the answer is no. Cordillera languages continue to be classified as “Living Languages” by the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL). The bad news is that Agta-Villiviciosa spoken by some of our kailiyans in Abra is now considered extinct; according to SIL, our kailiyans who used to speak this language are now using Ilokano. [Hat tip: Salita Blog]

Although there is no immediate danger that our languages will become extinct, we still need to ensure that they will be passed on to the next generation. Probably the best way to do that, aside from teaching them to our kids and using them in our daily lives, is through the internet.

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Congress Watch: It’s Your Money, Folks

Of course we all know that some people want to become Congressman/Congresswoman because they want to serve their constituents. And, of course, we also know that public service is not its own reward because congressional representatives have this thing called pork barrel (or Priority Development Assistance Fund) which they are allowed to disburse according to their heart’s content.

In Tagalog, bahala sila kung ano ang kanilang gagawin sa pera. We should bear in mind though that a Congressman’s or Congresswoman’s pork barrel is not really his/her own money but our money. So there should be no reason for us to be indebted to our congressional representatives mainly because they brought a project to our area. It’s not as if they used their own personal funds. Right?

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