Reviews of An Igorot’s Journey

Aside from answering our questions Rosita Pinkerton, author of An Igorot’s Journey, generously sent us a copy of her book which we really enjoyed reading. Here is what we wrote Rosita after reading the book:

I hope more Igorots will be able to read it because it is a thoroughly enjoyable read. I felt like I was part of the journey. I laughed at the humorous parts, felt bad at the tough parts, and kept turning the page to see what happens next.

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Links: Good Reads

Are you looking for good and interesting reads?

We suggest you check out Ellen Tordesillas’ blog as she has the latest updates on our jailed heroes, Captain Ruben Guinolbay and Captain Dante Langkit. Check it out here. Thanks Ellen for looking after our kailiyans.

Then you should also check out our conversations (i.e., Chyt and I) with Dean Jorge Bocobo on indigenous peoples, the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act (IPRA), and Igorots. You can read the Dean’s post here and Chyt’s first comment here (if the link doesn’t bring you to Chyt’s comment, just scroll down to the bottom of the page).

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A Tribute to Ambrose Sagalla, First Igorot Karate World Champion

By Michael Bengwayan, Ph. D

As I write this, I am in recollection creek. There is grief in the air. Ambrose Sagalla is someone I knew very much. First, as one of my karate instructors and co-karateka under the Japan Karate Association (JKA). Second as my student (he took up MS Rural Development at Benguet State University) and I was his professor in Development Communication and Communication Strategies. And followingly, as a co-worker in community development (we shared the same belief that only when people are conscientisized would they be able to to rise from their apathy). Beyond all, I was a drinking buddy–we laughed to our hearts’ content at everyone’s joke and shared a wise word or two when discussions got serious or otherwise.

Ambrose Sagalla was first dan brown belt in karate under sensei Kunio Sasaki in 1975. It was when the first JKA world karate tournament was held in Baguio City. In the finals of the kumite (sparring) he emerged champion over 6 footer 3rd dan black belt Shien Huei of Taiwan. He became the first Igorot karate world champion, a feat not even the late Arsenio Bawingan Jr. ever attained.

Ambrose was always humble in victory. He dedicated his winning to his instructors Sasaki, Bawingan, Cesar Pelingen, Chris Torcedo, and Jerry.

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