The List: A Clarification

From the Boondocks is an equal opportunity blog. That means that our series, The List, is an equal opportunity list. In other words, we will include anyone regardless of their political convictions (leftist, rightist, centrist, communist, Arroyo-ist, Erapist, political opportunists, etc.) for as long as they are achievers, or stood up for something, or served the Cordilleras and its peoples. Okay, maybe we will not be including political opportunists if their opportunism is what defined their life and their career. But if they have done at least one good thing for the region that was not motivated by personal gain, then we may consider them.

We are making this clarification at this point because the succeeding entry in the series is dedicated to people from opposite ends of the spectrum — soldiers, rebels, soldiers-turned-rebels, activists, activists-turned-rebels, and martyrs.

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The List: Part 4


For our new readers, you might want to visit our first three blog entries on The List. Basically, what we are hoping to do in this listing project is to acknowledge the Igorots who made us proud because of their achievements. Through their work, they have presented a positive image of Igorots and helped erase some of the negative stereotypes associated with us as a people. By honoring them, we hope that more Igorots will be encouraged to likewise excel in whatever endeavor they are in.


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The List, Part 3: Rey Tam

Who is Rey Tam? To answer that question, let us devote a whole blog entry of The List in his honor. Rey Tam is an Igorot boxer who was once ranked No. 1 in the superfeatherweight division by the World Boxing Council (WBC). I never heard of him until I came across his name in the website His story is fascinating and the article about him by Quinito Henson is beautifully written. In true internet style, I copied the article and pasted it here for all of us. I hope that his story will inspire other Igorots to take up boxing and, in honor of Rey Tam, win a world title.

Tam’s sons pursue dream
By Joaquin Henson
The Philippine Star 04/17/2006

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List of Igorot Firsts to Emulate or "LIFE"

So far, I have not come across any list that details the achievements of Igorots particularly those who, you know, did it first. Maybe we should come up with one and call it “List of Igorot Firsts to Emulate” or LIFE? Medyo korni ang title at acronym ano? 😉 This being the electronic age, this list is not written in stone. In other words, you can challenge it if you think an entry is questionable and if you have the facts to back you up.

Apart from the LIFE, I am also including a “nominee list”. The difference between the two is that the former contains entries who, we can say with some degree of confidence, really did it first. On the other hand, the nominee list contains those whose achievement still have to be confirmed by other, preferably official, sources. You are also invited to nominate anyone who you think should be included. Let us make this a project to show the younger generation that they have models to admire and, more importantly, to follow.

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