Category: National Affairs

  • Lozada in Baguio

    From BAGUIO CITY – Celebrated ZTE whistleblower Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada is finally coming to the North, and his visit would be capped by a series of dialogues with religious leaders here from April 15 to 16. Chie Galvez of the Baguio-based Inter-Faith Gathering for Truth and Accountability said Friday Lozada would be accompanied by […]

  • In the News: Dana Batnag

    Remember Dana Batnag? We first blogged about her here and here. In our first post about her, we mentioned that Dana, then only 13 years old, won an international song writing contest sponsored by the UNICEF. You’re wondering about the song she wrote? It’s that very popular song, I Am But a Small Voice, which […]

  • The Sumilao Farmers’ March for Justice

    Is there hope for this country? Of course, but you won’t find it in our “leaders” or in our politicians. Instead, you will find it in ordinary people like the Higaonon farmers of Sumilao, Bukidnon who walked (and are walking) from Mindanao to Manila. Why are they doing this? Are they crazy? Of course not. […]

  • Oh, Angelina

    Here’s something interesting . Seems like our friends from the left are campaigning to have Angelina Jolie visit the Philippines to draw attention to the plight of the country’s internal refugees. Hah, we must say that the KMP folks know how to stage a media coup. Their simple press release completely upstaged Gloria’s carefully planned image building trip in Europe. The KMP/Angelina story was picked up by major news agencies and famous blogs. And Gloria?

  • Ellen at Manila Penn

    I was commenting at Ellen’s blog when it suddenly shut down. I don’t know what the problem is. I’m not sure if its the traffic to her blog that shut it down, or whether she shut it down herself, or whether someone got into her blog to shut it down. No matter the reason, I […]