We’re Brothers Forever — An Ibaloi’s Version

Oops. Sorry. I’ve been ignoring this blog. It’s hard maintaining two blogs but I still haven’t figured out how best to merge them. Anyways, do you remember Reynaldo Lapuz? I’m sure you do, he’s the Fil-Am guy who became famous [infamous?] after his American Idol audition where he sang his own song, We’re Brothers Forever.

His fans produced different versions of his song which isn’t surprising because it’s really catchy [and as I stated here, sounds much better than the Olympic theme song hehe].

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Jun Utleg’s Igorota

Note: Back by popular demand.

Mapapa-wow ka sa ganda ng kantang ito. I think it typifies the kind of songs we love in the Cordilleras — smooth, kind of quiet (or walang vocal theatricals), and meaningful.

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