Are You a Worm: Ay Bigis Ka?

Here’s a video with a timely (and timeless) message. It is fun to watch and it helps that the singer is also having fun. The song is in Kankanaey but, to be honest, I don’t know what the following words mean: bigis (worm/pest?), kipkipita’m (close one’s eyes?), pina-ugam (impregnated?), manmisa (go to church?). The song is in Benguet Kankanaey so I’m not familiar with some of the words.

Anyway, I’m going to follow Wil’s example and ask for your help in translating the song. A translation attempt for non-Kankanaey speakers is found below:

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The Hen Walked Coquetly (or The Greatest Tragedy of Our Time)

Forget the fact that some of our kids have to walk three hours a day to go to school; this is not a great tragedy. Heck, it’s not even a tragedy. It is a big challenge for the kids alright but not a tragedy.

So what’s the greatest tragedy of our time? Well, it’s the fact that our kids who are attending public schools are using textbooks which are riddled with tons of mistakes. We should thank Antonio Calipjo Go for pointing out the errors (usually grammatical and/or factual) in our kids’ textbooks.

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Report Card For Our Officials

On June 30, outgoing officials will be relinquishing their posts while the newly elected ones will be assuming office. Because of this we decided to start a series where we pretend that we are, errm, professors giving grades to students, i.e., our officials.

We hope to make this a regular feature of this blog and we invite you to join us by also giving out your grades. The grades will be based on the actions of our officials as reported in the media (or as sent to us by reliable tipsters). We will be using the grading scale which you will find at the bottom of this post. The default grade will be “B” and it will go up or down depending on the reported actions of the official being graded.

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Imaginary Quotes: The Lighter Side of Cordillera Politics

We’ve been too serious here lately so we’re coming up with a “lighter side” post. Help us make this “funner” by sharing your “lighter side” thoughts in the comments section.

Initially, we are coming up with imaginary quotes that we are attributing to our politicians from the Cordilleras. Since these are imaginary quotes, the politicians actually didn’t say these things. Galing lang ito sa aming aktibong imahinasyon. If you are the politician to whom an imaginary quote is falsely attributed, please don’t sue us. Surely you have a sense of humor.

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