Chandu Claver: A Year Ago

We are reprinting the statement presented by Dr. Constancio Claver, husband of the late Alice Omengan-Claver on the occasion of the First Anniversary of her Killing (28 July 2007). To date, the assassination of Alice Claver remains unsolved just like the many extra-judicial killings of leftist-activists and media people.

We agree with Chandu that President Arroyo should be held responsible for these murders. Chandu and his kids have now applied for political asylum in Canada. We hope the Canadian government grants them their request.

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Truth or Propaganda: Military Nabs Six Students in Sagada?

Six high school students from Tubo, Abra who are studying at the Bangaan National High School in Sagada (photo above and it has a website here) were alleged to have been abducted by the military yesterday, June 22.

If the report is true, then it is another proof that the administration of Gloria a.k.a the Female Version of Gollum is worse than Marcos. If it is a propaganda ploy by the CPP/NPA then it is lame and stupid.

The CPP/NPA version:
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What a Slap In the Face: Davide Heads UN Consultative Body on Indigenous Peoples

Apparently, the indigenous peoples of the world cannot facilitate themselves so the United Nations is appointing a non-indigenous person to “undertake consultations on the proposed UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”. [Report here.] What a slap in the face.

Incidentally this person is former Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide, a man we used to respect a lot but we eventually lost our respect for him ever since he became a tool for the GMA administration.

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The Sagada 11

They first called themselves the “Punks 11”. For some reason, they decided to change their designation to the “Sagada 11”. My guess is that the change was meant to catch more public attention.

They were successful in that regard since I got interested in their story when I started hearing of the Sagada 11. But being a good I-Sagada, I was irritated when some of the group’s supporters started calling for a boycott of Sagada. What the heck, they shamelessly appropriate Sagada’s good name and are now smearing the place. Here’s a picture that speaks for itself which I found in this site.

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