The Sumilao Farmers’ March for Justice

Is there hope for this country? Of course, but you won’t find it in our “leaders” or in our politicians.

Instead, you will find it in ordinary people like the Higaonon farmers of Sumilao, Bukidnon who walked (and are walking) from Mindanao to Manila.

Why are they doing this? Are they crazy? Of course not. They are doing this historic walk to ask the government to give them titles to their land. Under the agrarian reform law, this land should have been awarded to them years ago.

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Two Years Later: Remembering Pepe Manegdeg

We’re publishing the reflections of Dom-an Macagne-Manegdeg on the killing of her husband Jose “Pepe” Manegdeg. Pepe was an NGO/church worker who was killed in Ilocos Sur two years ago. His case remains unsolved and according to this update, Dom-an and her family are now facing threats apparently because they continue to seek justice for Pepe.

Gloria and her ilk will, of course, deny that activists are being killed in the Philippines but these killings are real.

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Halsema: Questions, Questions, and a Suggestion

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Now that that shameless, shameless plug from the Evil Bill Bilig is over and done with, let’s go back to one of one of our favorite blog topics, the Halsema Road. Because I’ve already yacked a lot about this much lamented (but nonetheless scenic) highway, I am stealing the ideas of our blogger friends (with their permission of course) and putting them here:

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