Kicking Ass for the Nth Time

Congratulations kailiyans! This team from the University of the Cordilleras captured three championships during the Universal Reality Combat Championships held last June 30 at The Fort in Taguig City. From left: Kevin Belingon, Edward Folayang, Mark Sangiao, and Rey Docyogen.

Belingon, Folayang, and Docyogen emerged as champions in their respective categories. Sangaio is the coach of the team.

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Your Thoughts on the Importance of Local Languages

Our posts on languages generated several thoughtful comments so I decided to upload two of them here for those of you who don’t visit the comments section. [Aha, you are missing 2/3s of your life if you don’t read the comments in this blog hehe.] The first comment is from an anonymous commenter (Hi Anonymous!) and the second one is from Layad who, incidentally, has a blog that you should visit. Thanks you two!

Anonymous says:
Languages do come and go. When a language dies so does a memory of a culture, a way of life.

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Domogan: Teach Love in Many Languages

We’ve been quite critical of Baguio Congressman Mauricio Domogan but we are not blind to the good things he has done or tries to do.

In one of our early blog posts, we noted that Domogan filed a bill in Congress which seeks to mandate the teaching of Cordillera languages in our region’s universities. We identified such bill as our favorite of all the bills filed by Cordi Congressmen.

Domogan’s bill went nowhere in the previous do-nothing Congress so we’re glad to know that he is filing it again. We’re not quite sure if this re-filed bill will have a better fate but we have to acknowledge Domogan’s persistence. Here’s Dexter See’s article from the Manila Bulletin:

Solon seeks teaching of 8 Cordillera dialects in colleges, universities

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The Hen Walked Coquetly (or The Greatest Tragedy of Our Time)

Forget the fact that some of our kids have to walk three hours a day to go to school; this is not a great tragedy. Heck, it’s not even a tragedy. It is a big challenge for the kids alright but not a tragedy.

So what’s the greatest tragedy of our time? Well, it’s the fact that our kids who are attending public schools are using textbooks which are riddled with tons of mistakes. We should thank Antonio Calipjo Go for pointing out the errors (usually grammatical and/or factual) in our kids’ textbooks.

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