Geodetic Engineering Exam Results (Sept 2007)

Congratulations to Benigno Lingan Borja of St. Louis University (SLU) for making it to the top ten (8th place) in the geodetic engineering board examination held this month, September 2007. Borja obtained an 82.80% score.

How did the Cordillera schools do in this exam? Bad except for SLU. The schools’ passing rates are as follows:
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Haaay, Congressman V.D.

We don’t want to spend our time criticizing the Honorable Representative of Mt. Province, Congressman Victor Dominguez because 1) he is getting old in years and 2) to be honest, we also admit that we grudgingly respect his achievements as a politician.

To have maintained a long political career — spanning from the 70s (?) to the 2ks — speaks of his ability to harness whatever political tools there are that one needs to remain in power or to win in the game of politics.

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Cheryl Daytec Yangot on Nursing Schools

For our readers who don’t usually visit the comments section, we are uploading Cheryl’s comments because she shares some interesting information and raises some important points about nursing schools. Cheryl knows what she is talking about because she is the lead counsel of the group of nursing students and faculty which exposed the cheating in last year’s nursing board exam. Read our post about said scandal here.

In case you haven’t visited Cheryl’s blog yet, then you should visit it here. You are missing one third of your life if you haven’t read her poems 🙂

Cheryl Daytec-Yangot on nursing schools:
I agree with The Nashman that topnotch education is the key. But how can we achieve topnotch education when the Arroyo Administration liberalized the nursing schools? The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is granting permits to nursing schools, left and right, front and back. There are so many nursing schools without adequate facilities but they were granted CHED permits. This is in line with GMA’s labor export policy. Our nursing labor is our most marketable export.

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