Recto of the North?

Is Baguio the educational center of the north? Maybe. Lately though, it seems like it’s developing a reputation as the place where Koreans can get a quickie diploma. Last November, for instance, the Koreatimes reported this:

Twenty-three incumbent and former military officers and officer cadets were caught for having used fake university diplomas during their application for officer training, a lawmaker said Friday.

According to Rep, Song Young-sun of the Grand National Party, the Ministry of Defense recently withdrew its appointment of 13 incumbent and two former officers for allegedly fabricating diplomas from A.T. College in Baguio, the Philippines, to submit to the ministry for verification of their academic record.

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Baguio City High School Choir

Here’s a song for those of us who are in a worshipful mood. Now, if this was a choral competition and you were Simon Cowell, what would you say of this performance. Brilliant? Boring? That was safe but uninspiring? The best vocals of the night?

January 08 Architecture Exam Results

Congratulations to Ryan Mina Benaoe of St. Louis University for topping the Architecture Board Exam held last month.

From the Philippine Star:
A graduate of the Saint Louis University (SLU) here topped the licensure examinations for architects, the third in the school’s history.

“Actually, it is hard to expect even to pass, much more making it to the top,” said 24-year-old topnotcher Ryan Mina Benaoe. Benaoe duplicated the feat of SLU graduates Joel Manzano and Rodel Rosario in the 1983 and 1995 licensure exams, respectively.

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Civil Engineering Exam Results (January 2008)

Congratulations to our kailiyans who passed the civil engineering exam held November 2007/January 2008. If you know someone who took the exam and are wondering whether s/he made it, check out the names here.

Meanwhile, as is our practice, we’re going to publish the passing rate of Cordillera schools to embarrass those, ehem, diploma mills. That is, if they have the capacity to be embarrassed.

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Quote of the Day

“We have to ensure that deserving students from the province could be accorded a descent (emphasis supplied) education so that they could be able to uplift the economic standing of their respective families in the future. The full scholarship program must be spared from the political maneuvering of disgruntled sectors who could not admit that we were able to initiate the realization of the program.” — Mt. Province Congressman Victor Dominguez.

Apparently, our second favorite Cordiyera Congressman is restoring “his” scholarship program. Read the full story at Northern Philippine Times.

Our take: Yeah we do need descent education. With his help, the students will descend to the level of beggars that Mt. Province people have become famous for. Apparently, that was the purpose of the Congressman when he originally asked students to write him letters to request that they be included in “his” scholarship program.

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