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  • Nan Layad Nan Likhatan, The Pe’tune Version

    We’ve been talking about the song, Nan Layad Nan Likhatan, in our other blog [here and here] but we haven’t uploaded any video performance of the song. Good thing the Pe’tune Band have this video which they recorded during their performance at the Baguio Convention Center. Good job, guys. We will upload a more soulful […]

  • Jun Utleg’s Igorota

    Cross-posted at From the Boondocks. Mapapa-wow ka sa ganda ng kantang ito. I think it typifies the kind of songs we love in the Cordilleras — smooth, kind of quiet (or walang vocal theatricals), and meaningful.

  • Taiwanese Aboriginal Music: Wild Fire by Samingad

    Let’s expand the kind of songs we usually upload here and listen to this song by Samingad, a Taiwanese aboriginal singer of the Puyuma tribe. According to youtube commenters, the English title of this song is “Wild Fire”. Samingad is reportedly more famous in Japan than in her native Taiwan. You can read more about […]

  • BSU’s Squash Noodles

    This page requires a higher version browser Earlier, when we came across news reports that a noodle factory will be built in Benguet to produce vegetable noodles, we wondered how vegetables — particularly the green, leafy ones — can be turned into noodles. Well, the folks at Benguet State University proved that you can make […]

  • We’re Brothers Forever — An Ibaloi’s Version

    Oops. Sorry. I’ve been ignoring this blog. It’s hard maintaining two blogs but I still haven’t figured out how best to merge them. Anyways, do you remember Reynaldo Lapuz? I’m sure you do, he’s the Fil-Am guy who became famous [infamous?] after his American Idol audition where he sang his own song, We’re Brothers Forever. […]

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