3 thoughts on “Let’s Go Swim!”

  1. my sister here next to me, to whom i’m showing your blog told me, “di ba etan ta pakipal-pal-lutan tayu nunda daddy nu fiesta?”(that’s the place where we used to go for cock fighting during fiesta, isn’t it?).

    i heard the road going there is already fixed. unlike 15 years ago, it will take you more or less 5 hours. we used to take the nalseb-labey route.

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    Talaga ha, uso din pala cock fighting years back. Akala ko ngayon lang. It’s good ah if the road is fixed kaya lang baka naman dumami din tourists doon and they pollute the environment. Hay, the problems of development ano?

    Hi Kayni,
    I think Ambuklao would be about 35 km. from Baguio. I’m not sure kung gaano kalayo ang Kabayan where the lake is located. Will research on that or baka some readers would know. Thanks.

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